• Undercity has launched an airdrop with $150,000 up for grabs to celebrate the much-awaited $UND presale and the rapidly growing community.
• Anyone interested can enter the giveaway via Gleam by completing listed tasks that come with multiple entries.
• You need to hold at least $150 of $UND at the time of the draw to be eligible for the prize.

Undercity Airdrop Is Live

Undercity has launched an airdrop with up to $150,000 in prizes available for anyone interested in participating. The giveaway is part of Undercity’s celebration of their much-anticipated $UND presale and their rapidly growing online community.

Who Is Eligible?

In order to be eligible for this airdrop, participants must hold at least $150 worth of UND tokens on the day of the draw. Everyone else is free to participate in this giveaway by completing all tasks listed on Gleam with multiple entries.

What Is Undercity?

Undercity is a hybrid gaming metaverse which brings alive world’s first act-to-earn village concept. This virtual village offers users exciting features like virtual reality rooms, atmosphere bars, streaming rooms and retro gaming rooms among many others. By replicating this village experience into metaverse, it allows global access to all users without any geographical boundaries.

How To Enter?

The main goal of this Undercity airdrop is building awareness around their project and one lucky person will win up to $150k worth of UNDERCITY ($UND). The steps are quite simple: enter your Crypto Wallet Address (1 entry), join @undercity_chat on Telegram (1 entry), tweet @Undercity_off on Twitter (5 Entries), follow @Undercity_offRetweet@Undercity_off on Twitter(1 entry), visit @underCity_officiel on Instagram (1 Entry) ,visit their website under city(1 Entry) and share with friends (10 extra entries). There are more entries available which will increase your chances of winning!


This giveaway comes with no cost or obligation but gives everyone an opportunity to stand a chance in winning big! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity presented by UnderCity and make sure you have enough UND tokens before entering!