• SHIBA Inu creator Shytoshi Kusama recently dropped a cryptic hint regarding the launch date of its Layer-2 blockchain Shibarium.
• The hint has caused much speculation among SHIB army enthusiasts and investors, as no exact launch date has been revealed.
• Despite the uncertainty, SHIB’s price is currently just above $0.0000120, with its daily RSI hovering around 50 indicating no clear trend.

SHIBA Inu Creator Drops Enigmatic Hint

Shytoshi Kusama, the creator of the renowned meme currency Shiba Inu, recently dropped another enigmatic hint regarding Shibarium’s availability, sparking diverse interpretations among SHIB army enthusiasts. Kusama disclosed that the network’s components would begin to emerge before May via one of the Shiba Inu community channels.

Uncertainty On The Rise

However, the mood regarding the impending launch of Shibarium appears divided, with many investors dissatisfied with Kusama’s ambiguous hints. In response to the criticism, Kusama stated that Shibarium’s release is not a simple switch and therefore cannot have an exact date.

SHIB’s Value in Decline

SHIB’s value has been in steady decline since reaching its peak of $0.0000157 on February 4th. Before the drop, a negative divergence in the daily RSI was forming. Presently, SHIB’s price is just above $0.0000120, a crucial region that has alternated between providing support and opposition over the last six months. The daily RSI is around 50, indicating no clear trend.

Impact on Price Action?

Many investors are waiting for Shibarium’s launch to mark notable price action for Shiba Inu coin (SHIB). While it is difficult to predict how exactly SHIB will react once it hits market capitalization exchanges such as Binance or Coinbase Pro; some experts believe that it could surge up to 20% in coming days if it stays above certain levels or breakouts from crucial resistances and supports points which can be identified on charts by technical analysis tools like Moving Averages and Bollinger bands etcetera..


It remains unclear when exactly Shibarium will be released but experts are hopeful that it will create more demand for SHIB tokens due to its unique features like staking rewards and low transaction fees along with improved scalability options compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin networks .