• Litecoin’s price has been surging due to a major spark that lifted the price from its bearish influence.
• The network’s strength has soared, with a huge jump in transactions, and is believed to reach an interim milestone at $100 initially.
• The LTC daily active address and transaction count have both surged significantly, leading to an increase in social dominance as well.

Litecoin’s Momentous Rise

Litecoin (LTC) is displaying immense bullish momentum as the network’s strength has soared. This surge in performance of the lite version of Bitcoin can be attributed to a new update which released LRC-20 standards using the ordinal theory following the rising attention and adoption of Bitcoin’s BRC-20 standard tokens. With this news, Litecoin’s price witnessed a major spark that lifted it out of its bearish influence and is currently approaching its crucial resistance levels.

Network Activity Increases

The LTC daily active address recorded a massive jump, reaching highs close to 900K compared to its previous level of around 300K for quite some time. Similarly, Litecoin’s transaction count also marked new highs close to 585K which had previously maintained a steady trend of approximately 100K for over a year. These figures indicate that more users are engaging with the network which resulted in an increase in social dominance too.

Price Rally Expected

The upswing in network activity is expected to reflect positively on Litecoin’s prices as well and analysts believe that it will achieve its interim milestone at $100 initially. The crypto token has been trading along the rising trend line which has acted as support since early 2023, further strengthening prospects for continued gains into the near future.

Halving Effect?

It remains unclear whether or not this surge was influenced by upcoming halvings or simply organic growth but one thing is certain; Litecoin’s market performance looks promising going forward despite other tokens struggling against bearish sentiment in the general cryptocurrency market space due to Bitcoin’s recent peak above $31000 only recently dropping back down below $30k again today..


In conclusion, Litecoin continues on its impressive run despite adverse market conditions with network activity increasing substantially boosting social dominance alongside prices too as they aim for their next milestone at $100 before moving onto bigger goals from there on out.