„When nobody wants to buy, that’s when you buy. Not when people are talking about it,“ he said. Silence over delayed looting at AnubisTrade Probably one of the main questions from novice investors and also veterans is what is the best time to buy Bitcoin. Some say the best moment was 11 years ago, when […]

It’s not just Bitcoin prophets that are booming. The crypto boom is also attracting skeptics who are already painting the crash on the wall. The International Monetary Fund probes the Twitter community and asks the question of all questions: Are cryptocurrencies real money? Play money, risk assets, fake currencies: there is no shortage of stigmata […]

Denken Sie an 2017 zurück. Krypto war überall . Zu den Prominenten, die ICOs feilschen, gehörten DJ Khaled, „Floyd Crypto Mayweather“ und der langjährige Blockchain-Enthusiast Paris Hilton. Die meistgesehenen Komödie im Fernsehen, „Big Bang Theory , “ eine Episode namens „The Bitcoin Verschränkung.“ Long Island Iced Tea war der natürlichste Dreh- und Angelpunkt der Welt […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Prijsvoorspelling – 7 januari 2021 BTC/USD is na drie dagen correctie gestegen tot een hoogte van 37.470 dollar. Op 3 januari bereikte de BTC-prijs 34.873 dollar, maar deze werd afgeweerd. Dit leidde tot de correctie en het daaropvolgende breken van het $35.000 weerstandsniveau. De stieren moeten de volgende horde springen op het $37.000 […]

Um curador do Mt.Gox apresentou uma minuta de plano de reabilitação para revisão pelo Tribunal Distrital de Tóquio. O plano promete devolver mais de 2,6 bilhões de dólares de Bitcoin aos antigos usuários do Mt. Gox. 16 de dezembro de 2020 | AtoZ Markets – Na terça-feira, 15 de dezembro, o fiduciário da troca de […]

The open interest in Bitcoin options has almost reached $6 billion. In the middle of an ongoing bullish Bitcoin race (BTC), Bitcoin Options are reaching a new historical milestone. Bitcoin options are derivative contracts that give the holder the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell BTC at a predetermined price. According to […]

Ruchir Sharma, Chief Global Strategist di Morgan Stanley Investment Management, ha fatto una cera rialzista sul potenziale di bitcoin di usurpare il dollaro USA per i pagamenti in un’operazione del mercoledì del Financial Times. „Oggi, la maggior parte dei bitcoin sono tenuti come investimento, non sono usati per pagare le bollette, ma questo sta cambiando“, […]

a pandemia acelerou nosso avanço para uma palavra mais digital: o que poderia ter demorado 10 anos foi alcançado em 10 meses O rally Bitcoin deste ano pegou de surpresa muitas pessoas inteligentes. Saltos de Bitcoin, Gold Plods O rally Bitcoin deste ano pegou de surpresa muitas pessoas inteligentes. A alta da semana passada foi […]

We have told you several times about the No-Loser Lottery, Pool Together . Several things come to explain this phenomenon. Beyond its playful aspect, Pool Together is one of the concepts capable of proving the potential of smart contracts and Ethereum: a new type of applications inconceivable before. It is sort of a glimpse into […]

Michael Saylor, CEO van Microstrategy, is van plan zijn Bitcoin 100 jaar vast te houden en beschrijft het als ‚het beste onderpand ter wereld‘. Michael Saylor, CEO van Microstrategy, zei dat hij de Bitcoin ( BTC ) van zijn bedrijf 100 jaar zal houden en niet van plan is het te verkopen Op 11 augustus […]