„When nobody wants to buy, that’s when you buy. Not when people are talking about it,“ he said.

Silence over delayed looting at AnubisTrade

Probably one of the main questions from novice investors and also veterans is what is the best time to buy Bitcoin. Some say the best moment was 11 years ago, when Bitcoin was launched, but those who are coming to the market now want to know the new best moment.

There is no point in saying it is downtown because when everyone thinks that the currency is going to fall, it goes off and whoever was waiting for the fall ends up missing an opportunity.

Answering that question one of the first investors in Bitcoin Crypto Trader review said that the best time to buy is when nobody is talking about it. According to him, „the best time to buy Bitcoin is when there is ‚blood in the streets‘, everybody is panicking and nobody is talking about it.


The investor who asked for his identity to remain anonymous explained that his first purchase of Bitcoin was in 2013, when he purchased 2.5 Bitcoins from a seller through localbitcoins.com. At the time, cryptomeda was still traded for $100.

Google shows when nobody cares about Bitcoin
According to the investor, in 2013 the cryptomac trading platform allowed sellers and buyers to meet to conduct transactions. He said that between 2013 and 2014 speculative buying and selling was popular, but not even close to current levels.

Google Trends shows how low Bitcoin searches were at that time, reaching a peak only in late 2017, when Bitcoin’s value soared to a record $20,000. But it declined in 2018 until it rose again last year.

Bitcoin google 2017 search
Bitcoin google 2017 search
According to the investor „people forget that this is not the first bubble“, and „until people understand the technology, Bitcoin will always be a speculative asset“.

He also explained that he does not advise friends and family to buy Bitcoin when it is too expensive. „When nobody wants to buy, that’s when you buy. Not when people are talking about it,“ he said.

For him the fact that Bitcoin has a deflationary nature discourages its use as real currency.

„The only way I tell people to get involved in this new investment is after understanding how it works and how to keep it safe. If you don’t know or don’t want to have to deal with passwords or two-factor authentication, you will take risks, people might steal your Bitcoin“. You are done.