• Everlodge is a tokenized vacation and property solution that allows users to buy fractions of hotels and properties for as little as $100.
• Mantle has just integrated with Pendle, a decentralized finance platform, and its native token MNT serves as the native gas token for transactions within the network.
• Cronos’ centralized exchange Crypto.com allows access to the Pendle token, and investors can join the Everlodge presale to win a luxury holiday to the Maldives.

Everlodge: Tokenizing Vacation & Property Solutions

Everlodge is a holiday and property solution that utilizes tokenization and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to fractionalize hotel and vacation home ownership. This means people can purchase a stake in a hotel or property with as little as $100 by buying Everlodge’s native token $EDLG on their marketplace. If the price of the property increases, then the value of their NFT will also increase accordingly. Additionally, holders of EDLG are afforded discounts on maintenance fees, NFTs related to properties, and even timeshare stays in luxury hotels or rental opportunities via Airbnb. Furthermore, users can stake EDLG in order to receive passive income while securing the ecosystem at large. The team has gone through KYC verification process along with an audit on their smart contracts; they have also locked their liquidity pool for 8 years which shows their commitment towards this project. Analysts predict that during presale period itself $EDLG prices might rise by around 280%, followed by 30x rally on launch day itself!

Mantle & Pendle Integration

Mantle is a layer 2 blockchain governed by a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) called BitDAO which is led by crypto exchange Bybit. Their mission is to empower builders in cryptocurrency domain with support from notable investors like Peter Thiel, Founders Fund, Pantera Capital etc., The DAO uses its new native coin MNT as governance token for decision-making process apart from being used as native gas token for transactions within Mantle network; it will be integrated with Pendle –– a decentralized finance (DeFi) platform –– very soon where users will be able to access it through Crypto.com’s centralized exchange platform too!

Win A Luxury Holiday To The Maldives!

Participants who join Everlodge’s presale stand chance to win an amazing luxury holiday trip worth up to $10k USD at any destination of their choice including Maldives! So don’t miss out on this opportunity if you’re interested in taking part in this unique project leveraging blockchain technology for fractionalizing real world assets (RWA).

Avalanche Vista: Driving Tokenization

Avalanche recently launched Avalanche Vista which has boosted other projects in RWA space including Everlodge; now traditional asset classes such as stocks, bonds etc., can easily be converted into digital form using Avalanche Vista making it easier than ever before for individuals & businesses alike who want exposure into different asset classes but do not have enough resources/time/expertise required doing so traditionally which usually comes along with hefty fees & commissions attached too!


Tokenization of real world assets has been gaining traction lately due multiple initiatives taken up by projects like Everlodge backed up by prominent names like Avalanche Vista & BitDao making it all even more enticing & feasible option than ever before particularly when you consider potential returns involved at minimal risks associated with them due current market conditions combined with fact these projects are being supported/endorsed by industry stalwarts already mentioned above!!